Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my blogging has slowed down over the last month or so, and i think i figured out why. i got past the "this is new and interesting" phase for my everyday activities, and we have been so busy, that when i do have a break i dont necessarily want to jump back into thinking about all the stuff there is to do. ill try to get a few observations posted in the last couple weeks here though.


the second trip was way better than the first. amazing what not being sick can do for you. we got to see them introduce the Proclaimer. it is an audio box with the entire bible contained in it in pokot language. this is the first time many of them have heard the bible in their mother tongue. that was a cool meeting.

it was also amazing at the church we went to on sunday how welcoming the people were, and how thankful to God they were for every little thing they had. hour and fifteen minute walk to the church by the way, in the blazing sun...too hot

and i discovered the maquaja tree. it has little pods which contain edible fruit. the fruit tastes exactly like warheads. seriously, its natures warhead. this tree was so amazing mainly because it had the best places to sit and read of any tree iv ever been in. i could basically lounge with feet extended on a branch, and be leaning back on another branch. it was very comfortable.


took two overnight buses in order to allow a couple days in mombasa. the first touristy thing we have done. it was insanely hot there, and the ocean felt like a hot tub so we didnt spend much time in the water. it was incredibly nice to be able to slow down for a couple days and get some reading done again. moryn, a friend of a friend of an acquaintance, set us up with a hostel to stay at and took us around both nights. she is incredibly nice, and was a lot of fun. she made the trip so much easier and better than it would have been if we had been completely on our own. it was also nice to hang out with a christian who didnt mind having a drink. alcohol for most kenyan christians is seen as about the worst thing ever. had a corona with lime...so good

for the next two days we will be at bonifaces so probably no internet. but i cant wait to spend two days out there reading, writing, and enjoying the serenity. also the boys are back from school now so we will get to meet them.