Monday, July 27, 2009

a blog? by me?

i have found writing to be my weakest subject in school by far. odds are, this will be visible the more i write. my goal of writing as little as possible when it is not mandated for class has now run into the wall of a trip to africa, something that i have been asked about enough to know i need to chronicle it in some way. that being this blog i think.

i have been trying to find a way that i could take a trip to africa since my freshman year at baylor when i was introduced to invisible children and numerous other stories about what life was life in much of africa. many of my friends made trips over there, ben stayed for a semester, but i was caught in a situation that didnt allow any chance to take a trip. when i say "caught in a situation" that makes it sound bad, which isnt the case really. i had the privilage to play college baseball for baylor. however eventually it reached the point where i could no longer tell myself that baseball was more important than a trip like the one i am about to embark on, amoung other things.

my trip to nairobi, kenya has been planned for a year, but it never really consumed my mind due to all the other things i had going on. this summer was broken up into two sections for me- pre katie's wedding and post katie's wedding- and i never gave much thought to the second half of the summer. the last few weeks i have been thinking a lot about africa, getting shots, and trying to get the details worked out.

i really have no idea what im getting myself into. the closest iv been to nairobi has been a few videos watched, and some conversations with those who have been there before. possibly the most important thing about the trip is that i am not going alone, i know i wouldnt be able to handle that.

im just writing random stuff by this point. my life has no plans made past christmas. i have never had a good idea of what i want do, or an extended plan for my life, but as long as i was in college i had a few years of cushion. thats not the case anymore. i hope that my time in kenya will help me figure out where i want to go with my life, but i dont know anything for sure.